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  1. Actually the download list is more important. I dont mind the .torrent files being overwritten but I need the download list to be able to tell me which are the items already exist when using import download list function. This is so that I can delete the duplicate items as I don't save all of them in the same location. It is all over my different drives.
  2. If I not wrong few years ago we are able to open two BitComet on one computer at the same time. Now the new versions are limited to only one and need to close before opening another. The reason why I need two BitComet running at the same time is because of my task list got mixed up when my hard disk failed and send for recovery. I begin to use another BitComet from scratch. Now that they have returned my hard disk and my old task list can still be used. Some tasks have duplicates and I cannot compare with one another. I come to think of how excel sheets have those multiple tab sheets whe
  3. Hi everyone, I am not exactly new and have been using BitComet for several years. I only started using this forum recently because I have some issues. I use mainly external hard disk to store all my downloads so it can swap easily when running out of space.
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