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  1. You should convert to Microsoft I.E. to enalbe the download. I am sorry BitComet does not support FireFox.
  2. It dosen't matter. :) But BitComet can do what a flv. player can. So you needn't download another software to play the flv.
  3. v_man722, you can use flv player or vlc player, i prefer vlc. http://www.videolan.org/ After your download finished, double-click the flv file within the BitComet windows, then the BitComet will play the video for you. So you need not to install anything else into your PC.
  4. Hey, I am having the same problem. I created the and submitted the torrent (to demonoid as well), I started the upload in BitComet. However it just doesnt upload at any reasonable speed. I want my torrent to spread. It stays at somewhere below 10kB, and usually not even that high. I download with great speed's though, and I upload my downloads with great speeds too. I checked my settings but all seems to be in order. Please help.
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