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  1. I think I found the condition to have my issue. When there is something in the search box and have new torrents windows, that is the condition I would likely freeze the program.
  2. "Exit" at tab or "X" at the window corner would not work for me as the program is stuck at some thing. I could only exit the program with "Exit BitComet" by right clicking the BitComet program at the windows task bar below the screen. Even with that "Exit BitComet", the program would have trouble exiting as the notification area icon on at bottom right on the window task bar would be turned to grey colour and not shutting down forever. I would then have no choice but to restart my computer to run BitComet again.
  3. Hi I am using Win 7 BitComet version 1.51 64bit BitComet would start fine and run fine, but it seems after couple of new torrent tasks I have added, the BitComet window would stop responding and the computer would produce the sound of an unclosed window. You know when you add a new torrent to BitComet, you must finish that new task window before you can use BitComet again otherwise you cannot click on BitComet main application window and the computer produces an unclosed window sound. That's what mattered to me except I have no unclosed window showing on BitComet. The application itself i
  4. Not sure if this related to OP's first bug. I think when I was using earlier version of 1.4X (cannot remember the exact version and I suspect it was earlier than version 1.47), my complete tasks at was once completed at 100% would change to 99% no matter if I had hash checked myself. The files are themselves are good (I can view those media fine and they would show up in media player as completed and no part missing ) but BitComet just refuse to complete those 99% tasks. This is still happening to me to those old 99% tasks in version 1.51 but new tasks are not affected by this. And yes I have
  5. i understand BitComet itself doesn't have this function, but is there a way outside the program, such as to edit the database of the task list? I would assume the program uses some sort of database method, such as SQL Therefore, I am hoping there is a way to change the info of a torrent task.
  6. Is there a way to edit the torrent task "completion on" date? I have imported many completed torrent tasks from a different computer but since the tasks are already completed upon starting the tasks, their "completed on" dates are left blank. I would like to fill-in the those blanks with "started on" date. How can I go do that? My BitComet version is 1.46 on Windows 7.
  7. Sorry I didn't aware of the issue has been posted already. My apologies Is there a way to downgrade from 1.42 to 1.41 without uninstalling BitComet first? I don't want to lose my torrent history and current tasks, or is there a way to downgrade and keep my current setup & tasks etc.?
  8. I am using BitComet v1.42 on Win 7 64bit. Lately, when I added torrent tasks with some files unchecked to not download, some of them tasks will eventually got automatically checked into downloading all files within the task by BitComet. I have tried Anti-Rootkit scan but to no success. Can someone please help me?
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