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  1. Thanks Rhubarb, Firstly, I guess the obvious thing to ask is, Is there a link I can go to that show's me issues like this so I know when issues are around whether I need to do something or if I just need to sit tight? Secondly, this hasn't fixed the install issue and I can see I'm not the only user with this issue. It could be PC related but am completely unsure however, My third issue, not connecting to peers is shown in the second screenshot. Essentially, this shows the LT_Seeds connection is good, but the Peer section is failing (And continually retrying). The issue with this
  2. Update, so thre server login in the bitcomet app has worked again so that's good. However, on checking when downloads are running, I'm only seeing the LT_Seeds and no peers? I p[resume this is related somehow but does anyone have any thoughts on this?
  3. Evening all, So, I have an issue installing 1.73 on my WIN10 computer. Everytime I try, I get the following error: - Internet Connection Error - We're unable to connect to the download server. It seems that your internet connection is down of firewalled. Please check your internet and proxy settings and try again." So here's where I am. System: Rebooted - Issues still exist Internet working without issue Anti-virus switched off and checked Firewall switched off and checked Router firewall port-f
  4. So, I only joined these forums tonight but, because of my Comet ID, my forum title is 'Peer'. I see others with the title 'Seeder' So I wondered, what do these titles mean? Is there a perk associated or just street cred based on rank?
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