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  1. Whew. glad I was finally able to make it understandable.. Sorry for the other acct post, but forgot i logged in via google this acct and not fb, regardless... Im not so sure it was really a cosmetic issue and hence why I posted in the first place. I myself have been a hobby programmer(VB and php) and from personal experience, one knows when putting button.. hence in VB for example a button place would auto put in code button1.click for a function or code.. Of course you could have labels with that but most programmers knows that a button is there for a click purpose...or a 2 labels with the button click up down if wanted a more cosmetic approach...)although you can do that nowadays with buttons,couldnt in the day) Im pretty sure the same code was intended from the main view and was meant to be copied but never did is my guess, im sure this is a simple overlook and would indeed be considered a bug... i mean it is a download order so it makes sense if you wanted an order based on size a simple click could sort them and BAM, there you go... Anyways, thx for the response and I hope I helped where I could on making this maybe even a smudge better...
  2. Was thinking about an analogy as well.. 10 people were in the grocery line and wanted to know the name, how much it weighed, and the % of whatever... Each of these had a button to click with exactly they wanted... Well upon pushing these buttons, it did absolutely nothing... Wouldnt it be easier, even if it was just one person to click the button and it have a function? The button works like intended on the main aisle, but for some reason in this custom order aisle the buttons don't seem to work...
  3. I don't think you understand. Regardless if advised or not, the clickable tabs have no function while in this menu. I understand completely and the reason I know this is bugged is because I myself was trying to watch a tv series as it came in and want this function, but to sort i had to like a word search find the order myself and move up and down, instead I SHOULD have been able to simply hit the TAB that said name and it sort them by file name ascending/descending .... If they were not meant to be clicked, its still a bugged as it should have had labels in the UI instead of buttons. Perhaps you should try and see for yourself ????
  4. Sorry for the double post, but, this is for CUSTOMIZED PRIORITY, not for just the display order.. Again, select any task, right click- hover Priority- and select customize. Now in this menu, the sorting tabs are clickable, but have no function.
  5. Half-way correct. The up and down tabs will still work as intended after going into the customize option. But all other tabs have no function.
  6. Suppose your working on downloading a 200 part file, and working as pieces come in.. Every-time you switch between torrents it always restarts the file list from the top. Perhaps a show/hide option for completed files of the task would make for a nice interface/UI. Just a quick lil suggestion... Another suggestion, like BitTorrent, how about priority by selected and auto priority Very to normal. Highlight all the files you want, right click and context selection for priority by selected... And the Up/Down que is either not working properly or not there, that should definitely be a feature added. And another idea is a re-que, that will let the next go in line, and que that one again, instead of the now having to stop let the other start and then restart...
  7. I did not read any of the such in the comments, but like most bug submit processes they will definitely need more info than what you provided. I have no affiliation whatsoever with the client here and don't want to overstep my bounds when telling ya, your problems could be one of a** tons... Probably should post your puter' specs along with version trying to run. Try running the program without any other programs running to see if there is conflict... Did the program use to work and now doesn't? What has changed? Etc...
  8. To replicate, simply goto any torrent that has lots of multiple files, Right Click, > Priority > Custom Click the box to enable, now, clicking any of the tabs such as size or priority, well is just for show and definitely a waste of time as they do nothing. Broke, and can not understand how this was over looked??? Be nice to quickly sort and put a download order based on size, alphabetical or numerical order... Fixing this will probably do this, as well as give those clickety tabs a purpose for living... ;) Cheers, and hope this post help towards the next best or the best client out there...
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