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  1. I have a new PC Windows 10 with Bullguard anti everything. I'm trying to upgrade to version 1.73, which downloads okay, but as soon as I try to install it, Bullguard pops up with bitcomet_setup.exe being stopped/blocked etc. How do I get around this? Thanks.
  2. It's okay - I just deleted version 1.5 and got version 1.68 - problem solved! Thanks for the replies that I KNEW were incoming hahahaha
  3. Hi guys, Brand new PC - I've got Bitcomet 1.5 stable release. I've used it already to get something, but now every time I get a magnet download or torrent download & start it, I get the "Failed to save task list! (C:\Programs\Bitcomet\downloads.xml). It starts off in the 'downloading' section but if I click 'Start' I get that message. If I exit Bitcomet, I get that message. How do I fix this, please?! Cheers
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