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  1. Ohh i just tried the last version of utorrent and it actually has that disk caching feature as well and the upload slots cap works perfectly. Thanks a lot mentioning it Bitdave :)
  2. My upload slots while leeching still hasn't changed always between 19-25 peers. It was the same before changing the setting. And upload slots are stuck at 5 while seeding.This is closer to my upload cap but my upload speed this way is much reduced, around 10-16kB/s :huh: What i really like about bitcomet is the ability to cache a whole file as long as you have enough ram this is really good when you want to seed for a long time or leeching big files without killing your hard drive. I haven't found any other bittorent client that can do that as well. But this bug with the upload slot caps is really annoying to me.
  3. Hello i have set my global maximum upload slots at 12 but this cap doesnt seem to work. I have tried to uninstall reboot and reinstall and reboot this doesnt seem to work, I tried with earlier version of bitcomet too and the same thing happens. As a result most of the peoples downloading from me download at 0 KB/s even though my maximum upload is at 130KBps. My settings are in this picture. It seems that the upload cap is actually equal to the max connection per task setting i tried to set this at 100 also and this will set max upload slot to 100 as well but this isnt a good solution i think. The result in this picture. My upload at the moment the picture was taken was at 125KB/s but most everyone is downloading at 0 kbps
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