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  1. I'm not sure that I understood you correctly. I can connect to torrent-tracker (site/forum) with different anonymizers (extentsions for FF) and download torrent-file, but BitComet will not be able to connect to announce servers (different IPs and all are banned).
  2. I use several torrent-trackers and one of them was recently blocked (only announcers) by all ISP in my country. The administration of this server has created a SOCKS proxy, that allows to connect to this announcers. It works. But through this proxy I can not connect to other servers. I see only a few solutions - Proxifier, but I do not want to use it for some reason and another - use two copies of the BitComet - one for that torrent-tracker with Socks proxy and another copy for other torrent-trackers without proxy. Or I need SOCKS-proxy without restrictions - low stability but free, or p
  3. All of your disks are connected to the motherboard SATA-controller? The last thing - do like this: and check free RAM in the Task Manager. I doubt that it can help, but you can try. Also you can run Prime 95 (blend test) at least for a few hours. This is what I would do in this case.
  4. Can you try an SSD for a test? Just a little? Just to be sure. Or split tasks between two HDDs. Or play with settings in Advanced options (mostly network.) Also try to set system.enable_disk_boost_service to false. Donno why, but I did this long time ago. I have only 200 mbit/s and v 1.41.
  5. Could you try to connect your PC directly to converter?
  6. Like some other programs (TeamSpeak server, Web-servers etc.). Is that possible? E.g. I have a few IPs and one NIC (or two, doesen't matter) with local IP and I want to bind BitComet to Not necessarily through an interface, command line will be enough :) Thank you. I did googling :(
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