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  1. I'm not sure that I understood you correctly. I can connect to torrent-tracker (site/forum) with different anonymizers (extentsions for FF) and download torrent-file, but BitComet will not be able to connect to announce servers (different IPs and all are banned).
  2. I use several torrent-trackers and one of them was recently blocked (only announcers) by all ISP in my country. The administration of this server has created a SOCKS proxy, that allows to connect to this announcers. It works. But through this proxy I can not connect to other servers. I see only a few solutions - Proxifier, but I do not want to use it for some reason and another - use two copies of the BitComet - one for that torrent-tracker with Socks proxy and another copy for other torrent-trackers without proxy. Or I need SOCKS-proxy without restrictions - low stability but free, or paid server but stable. Ok for two copies of BitComet? Or Is it possible to use different proxies within one copy? Is it possible to add such function in the future versions of the program?
  3. All of your disks are connected to the motherboard SATA-controller? The last thing - do like this: and check free RAM in the Task Manager. I doubt that it can help, but you can try. Also you can run Prime 95 (blend test) at least for a few hours. This is what I would do in this case.
  4. Can you try an SSD for a test? Just a little? Just to be sure. Or split tasks between two HDDs. Or play with settings in Advanced options (mostly network.) Also try to set system.enable_disk_boost_service to false. Donno why, but I did this long time ago. I have only 200 mbit/s and v 1.41.
  5. Could you try to connect your PC directly to converter?
  6. Like some other programs (TeamSpeak server, Web-servers etc.). Is that possible? E.g. I have a few IPs and one NIC (or two, doesen't matter) with local IP and I want to bind BitComet to Not necessarily through an interface, command line will be enough :) Thank you. I did googling :(
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