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  1. Thank you very much to both of you. The explanation on 'installcore' was useful. I understand now why it was flagged. This is the first time it has happened with a BitComet update. Hence I began to wonder. Thank you very much for the tip on interpreting virustotal reports viz., check Kaspersky and Malwarebytes. I'll move to 1.47 sometime soon. Thank you. :-)
  2. I would like to report a problem I encountered with the BitComet 1.47 setup.exe. It was auto-downloaded by my 1.46 BitComet client. My antivirus (NAV) flagged it. I then scanned the EXE on virustotal. The link for the full report is below. Summary : 17 engines detected this file SHA-256 c043ab042fd0e07f2b5ff84a0ebc402e7bba4b85d0607535b6fc3263f51fde58 File name BitComet_1.47_setup.exe File size 15.96 MB Last analysis 2017-09-03 05:27:45 UTC Community score -34 I then tried to fetch the setup EXE from the link given in the 'News/Announcements' post. The SHA 256 value was the same and I got the same error report from virustotal. Could someone please have a look and shed some light on this matter. Virustotal report: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c043ab042fd0e07f2b5ff84a0ebc402e7bba4b85d0607535b6fc3263f51fde58/detection Thank you.
  3. I actually did not know / realize the developers were from China. However I've always looked up the documentation here, which is so very well-written. Every sentence and paragraph is so beautifully put together. I realize now from para 2 you've written how much more BitComet does. I usually run a max of 10 torrents at a time, as otherwise it is likely to slow the system down. Mine is just a Intel dual-core with 2 GB RAM. I noticed very recently there is a Downloads.xml file along with my .torrent files. I suppose this is the file used by BitComet to quickly load the torrents when it is started. Yes Rhubarbfian, I do know how to change the torrent to locate the file in another directory. BTW, did you intentionally mix up your idioms ? brain science ? :) OT: The Chinese accent was indeed a little difficult to understand. I'd recorded some of it. Even now when I play it back, I can't quite follows it in places. The Shanghai-ites ("Shonghai" as they pronounce it) were a little better, perhaps because of more exposure to western culture. But it is true, there are not that many English speakers. Communication in many places is usually one word at a time, repeated with gestures. In the end, my English took a slight Chinese slant, dropping verbs and using shorter sentences. The traffic in Beijing was unbelievable. One morning we saw a 3 km long queue of cars stuck in traffic. And it is 3 lanes. All waiting patiently for their turn. I guess the process is repeated at night too.
  4. Thanks again 'T.U.S'. I think i'll stick to running one instance at a time. I found, by googling that there are ways such as running another instance in a virtual machine, but it is just too much work. I picked up a few words in Mandarin during a recent trip to China, but am afraid it is not enough to converse with another person. :) Thanks Rhubarbfian for that info. I think I've used the Emule plugin long ago; and come to think of it, I missed taking a peek at a Chinese keyboard, while there. Thanks again both of you :)
  5. I have installed BitComet (1.40) in D:/Programs/BitComet. All the .torrent files are in the torrent/ subdirectory. Nothing in AppData to my knowledge. I took this precaution after the last time I upgraded my OS and forgot to backup AppData folder. There are some files in AppData/Roaming. But they don't seem to have any context related data. (files like fav.xml, passport.mht) However, something is preventing a second different BitComet.exe from starting up. Perhaps it was designed to run as a 'single instance' as is the case with some windows applications. The windows registry too has some BitComet related entries. Anyway, I am able to run them one instance at a time. But would be nice to be able to select the appropriate instance when I click on a magnet link. Am able to do this with utorrent. I find it useful when using private trackers, where I assign a separate utorrent instance per tracker. (It was rather simple: Copy the base exe, create a shortcut, set the /RECOVER flag in properties.) Wonder if we could have something like that for BitComet too.
  6. Thanks 'T.U.S.' Am new to these forums. I couldn't locate the signature. But found the archive here => http://www.bitcomet.com/en/archive I hope that's the one. I didn't know until now, that BitComet was available as a portable package. That's nice to know. I downloaded and extracted BitComet_144.zip, to a folder on my PC and double-clicked BiComet.exe. It merely transfers control to the already open BitComet 1.40 version. No new process is created. Thanks Rhubarbfian. I should clarify that I meant to say the application response was getting slow due to many existing torrents; my downloads speeds are good. I just wanted a certain set of torrents to all go into one 'copy' of BitComet.
  7. Hello. I've been using BitComet for some time now. Am currently using BitComet 1.40. Am running Win 8.1 and BitComet is installed in D:\Programs\BitComet All the .torrent files are stored in that directory. I wanted to create a separate instance of BitComet for a certain category of torrents and also because the number of torrents in the existing instance was quite high and it was probably getting a bit slow because of that. I fetched the latest BitComet 1.44 and gave it D:\Programs\BitComet_144 as the installation directory. I had a BitComet icon on the 'Start Page'. After installation of 1.44, that icon pointed to 1.44 version. Clicking on it opened the new BitComet, without any torrents loaded. I've pointed the icon back to D:\Programs\BitComet, for the moment. When I attempt to open BitComet 1.44, by double-clicking D:\Programs\BitComet_144\BitComet.exe, I merely get transferred to the existing (already running) 1.40 instance. Is there a way out please ? I guess some people refer to this as 'Portable version'. If so, is such a thing possible. I currently am able to do it with uTorrent, using the '/RECOVER' option. Something like that would be very helpful. Thank you very much.
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