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  1. OK. Firstly, you guys are NOT reading what I am writing. I would rather FIX the problem and stick with VLC. I've been asking as to WHY VLC isn't playing the audio, & if anyone knew. Let me set it out for you clearer this time: 1) WHY isn't VLC playing .mkv's with audio: I thought it had mkv compatability. 2) Anyone experienced a similar problem, or know how I can fix this issue of not having audio.
  2. I would like to keep with VLC. I'm accustomed to using it for everything. So, if anyone DOES know how to help me, you're welcome to!
  3. Ok. Before I do this, let me ask: I thought VLC had matroska compatability? Why do I still have to download the codec, I've been told VLC already had all those by default in its program. Well, anyway, I'll dl the pack. Just wondering..
  4. Ok. I'm trying to play a .mkv file in VLC. The video plays, but the audio does not. However, I am told that VLC should play the audio as it has full .mkv support. But nevertheless, there is no audio playing. I go to View>Messages & this is written there: main error: couldn't find a filter for the first part of the conversion main error: couldn't set an input pipeline .. Could this have something to do with it? Anybody have any ideas on how to remedy this, or what may be wrong? All help would be appreciated!! THANK YOU!
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