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  1. Have you version without your " not "virus "" like version 1.52? Many thanks but I don't need any trojan and to me it is not interesting at all as you call it virus or not virus. It is only terminology.
  2. Dearest Sirs, Let me know what for I need virus Trojan.DownLoader 27.14454 in BitComet.exe 1.53 Without this virus can not do?
  3. Really? All antiviruses? Add in the description: all antiviruses lie, that Bitcomet gifts the virus
  4. Maybe someone loves viruses on his own computer. After version 1.43 there are always problems.
  5. https://www.aliexpress.com/ Trojan.InstallCore.2850 is partner too? OK. I returned to 1.43 and I think about other software without aliexpress and viruses. Good luck
  6. Downloaded from your site version 1.44 was tested on https://www.virustotal.com/ (Look here https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dcba7753016c23580479032857fb1418af14eb74ff6d025cffdf03178f148ee4/analysis/1479882952/) but at the time of installation appear the file C:\users\<user>\appdata\local\temp\nsta913.tmp\fusion.dll containing the virus Trojan.InstallCore.2850 P.S. Byt the way, the antivirus of kaspersky much worse and is more expensive than Dr. WEB. You can be convinced of it, just download, you'll receive free and completely functional version for a month.
  7. On the download page only You forgot to inform for aliexpress. My antivirus found Trojan.InstallCore.2850.
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