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  1. Hellow, 

    I have installed the last version of bitcomet ID. Afer that download speed has been slow and in the installed aplication in the Pc and the after login from Bitcomet in website both the rank are different.Website are the correct Id and the application login with was wrong rank. Is there any ways to fix this problem.

    Thank you ?

    1. Rhubarb


      You really need to ask this in the forum where more people will see it. However, check that your ports are set in the router to the same value as the client. The client and the forum are on different servers so what happens on one won't affect the other

    2. The UnUsual Suspect

      The UnUsual Suspect

      In some cases if you install BitComet on a PC that didn't already have it installed and you don't read each option, it may create a new cometID account for you, assuming you are a new user, then you will have two accounts, but most problems with rank are a result of the server being down. They are usually pretty good about getting the servers back up during business hours, but weekends and holidays (specifically chinese holidays) there can be extended outages, but it doesn't have a big effect on your downloads as even without CometID, it will still download at least as well as any other client.

      Also as Rhubarb mentioned, more people will see your question if you post in the forum.

  2. Dear lucy,

    My Name is Rizam and i use bitcomet since  2013-10-20 and last week i had update my software to new 1.44 , after that my rank is lost, so i double check with cometid.com but in the web site it was correct rank . In software im a recruit and in website  Second Lieutenant  and the current score is 2351.

    can you please feel free to let me know the how can solve this issue.

    1. The UnUsual Suspect

      The UnUsual Suspect

      Arizam, Lucy no longer works for the development team and if you hover over her name you'll notice she hasn't logged in since 2014. The proper way to seek help is to post in the forum, not comment on someone's profile.

    2. arizam


      ok, thank you ?

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