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  1. I already did what you said with no luck.However after a reset from the router interface and forward the doors once again the problem fixed.Just like that.I don't know what was wrong.Thanks once again my friend.Merry Christmas to all of you guys.
  2. My port is still block.Since i can still download with my maximum speed i'll stop here and if i make any progress i will post an update to this strange issue.Thanks Rhubarbfian for your suggestions.
  3. I already did it.No progress.And i dont have any firewall and no antivirus. PS theres no way to edit my previous picture.
  4. I tried your suggestion with no luck.Here is my stats.Bitcomet is reading my wan ip instead of the static i use thats why its blocked and i can't find a solution.And yes after 20 years im using a pc i feel so noob.:)
  5. Hi all friends of the community.I use Bitcomet for some years without problem.I download with very good speed for my connection.(My line stats 1020up / 13703down kbps and my speed is always 1,5 mb/sec) However last 3 days my port is blocked.However and this is strange i can still download with top speed between 1,4 and 1,5mb/sec so its very strange.I didn't download any program except some games.I use windows 10 and my router is a Technicolor TD5136V2.My port is open and i also have an exception on firewall,nothing changed since my old good setup. Any suggestions guys? Thanks in advanced.
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