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  1. I haven't been able to log in all day.
  2. Everytime i open BitComet the torrents has stopped. So i need to start them all over again. Is there any settings (i can't find) or something? Using Bitcomet 1.44 Portable (Just updated to 1.45 and still same problem)
  3. Agree, it need a progress bar indeed.
  4. Same here. And i have downloaded the whole file (mkv file) It should be a right click that can make new snapshots (if there is none).
  5. Hello. I just started using BitComet after using uTorrent for years (and Azerues for years before that) Anyway... Is it possible to use tags more efficient? Now it's like a feature that is a little bit hidden. I want to bring out the tags and work with them more. Something like this image
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