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  1. Hi I ve noticed this behaviour in many torrents with web seeds where downloaded size(1.89 gb) is far more than tasksize(966 mb). And also there is no dropped data in the below example. Im using Bitcomet 1.68, but this issue existed in previous versions as well. This torrent has pretty much no seeds and only downloaded data from web seeds except for 6 MB. eps downloaded - 8-13 There is also the issue of dropped data when d/lding from webseeds. Usually the large part of the dropped data is from the "first" file of the torrent. But I've also noticed some same pieces that keep dropping that are not from first file of the torrent. Please find below the sample torrent. First file size is 214 mb(1 mb per piece) Any help would be appreciated. Please let me know if the torrent file/magnet link is needed Update: FYI - even though consecutive pieces are dropped, I was not using "Sequential Download" . Finished task screenshot Thanks
  2. It is not about the gaps or the speed of each thread. There is a mechanism behind 'optimize download strategy for preview' which makes use of the value 10mB. The devs would have a clear idea what I'm talking about. It would be nice if this value is customizable in advanced options.
  3. First of all, my solution is a workaround and it does exactly what the OP asks for. If you haven't tried what I'm suggesting you wouldn't know. We are getting nowhere with this thread. As long as you are gonna consider proxy as just a means to **spoof** your IP you wouldn't get the point. Feel free to PM me and we'll sort out our misunderstandings. But before that, please ask yourself one thing. Now that you're BC port is mapped in the router, will all connections made by BC goes through the IP
  4. Sorry. But your method has a flaw. Your method simply won't work for outbound connections. Port forwarding is for incoming connections. The purpose of port forwarding is to forward the incoming packets arriving at the WAN port to a host which is listening on a port within LAN and not the other way around.
  5. Alright. My feature request is simple as that. It is regarding HTTP downloads and not torrent. Bitcomet's 'optimize download strategy for preview' downloads 10 mB of the file at the start and 1mB in the end, It would be nice if this value is customizable in advanced options. Please don't confuse 'optimize download strategy for preview' with 'preview download mode'. 'preview download mode' is only for torrents which is otherwise called sequential piece download. 'optimize download strategy for preview' is common for both http downloads and torrent downloads.
  6. Boy this is turning to more of an argument. Hear me out. I have a NIC with two ip addr and Lets assume all the connections by default are made with source ip addr I want the connected made by bitcomet should be with source ip, Now I'm gonna setup a Socks 5 proxy server using Wingate which provides an option to select the source ip addr. I'm gonna choose as source ip and any available gateway. Lets say this proxy server is bound to my software loopback interface on port 1080. So the only thing left now is to setup the proxy info in Bitcomet. Proxy type - Socks 5 Proxy addr - Port - 1080 End result is that all the connections made by Bitcomet will be with source ip which is exactly what the OP said " I want to bind BitComet to "
  7. Well I'll explain the concept in a better way. The idea is to run your own proxy server. You can use third party applications to set up your own proxy server that runs on your computer. These proxy servers allows the user to specify which ip address and gateway to use, like the OP asked. Now that the proxy server is setup, you just configure the bitcomet with your local proxy server settings. Since its running on your own computer, host name of localhost should suffice and the port on which the server is running. Port forwarding is a good solution but its only useful for inbound connections as outbound connections will be made through the default ip that is gonna be used for all services by that computer. I am not sure if I am at liberty to mention the proxy server application that I use.
  8. Thanks for your reply Rhubarbfian But my request is regarding the 'optimize download strategy for preview' option. And my query is mainly for http video file downloads. Sequential piece download is achieved by the 'preview download mode' option you've suggested. Bitcomet does a great job in sequential piece download when it comes to torrent downloads. No comments there. Preview download mode is not available in http downloads. Using a single thread to download a video file is same as preview download mode. But the speed may not be guaranteed. So I use multi threads and bitcomet supports to a maximum of 20 threads per task. What the option 'optimize download strategy for preview' does is whenever a file with extensions like mp4,mov or avi is detected, the first 10mB of the file and the last 1mB of the file are downloaded. I would like for an option to manual specify the size rather than a fixed 10mB. This will be useful for both low bandwidth users and high bandwidth users when downloading video files. Once again, I'm concerned about http downloads and not torrents. Well the same option applies to both though. Edit: The term buffer would make much sense. Buffer size of 10mB is used currently by Bitcomet for video files.
  9. Hi It may be too late. But I might have a workaround for you which I use. You can setup a local proxy on your computer through some third party applications which allows you to specify the IP address and gateway to use. Then all you have to do is configure the proxy in your Bitcomet. Hope it helps.
  10. Hello Team Thank you for providing for an awesome download manager. I use BitComet mainly for HTTP downloads. I use multi threads to speed up downloads. Any files with extensions mp4, mov, avi and such utilizes the 'optimize download strategy for preview' option. I have a request for 'preview optimization' for http video file downloads. Current preview optimization allows intial download of only about 10-15 mB to preview. Once its downloaded, I believe the rest of the downloads happen with equal parts between threads. So I ll give you an example, I have an 2 hour video file which can be downloaded in 30 mins. That means I have to wait for the whole file to download before I can start watching when I use 'multi threads'. If the download is optimized to obtain 25% of the file that is 30 mins of playtime, then I would only have to wait about 7.5 mins for download before I start streaming the video. So I'd really appreciate if an option is provided to change the 'initial download size' for previewing video files. Currently I believe its indicated in size between 10-15 and about 1mB is downloaded at the end of the file. An option either to mention a custom value in size or percentage would be great that allows users to wait less when it comes to http video files. And the 'preview download mode' in bitcomet for torrents which allows sequential piece download is the best among any torrent clients. Cheers
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