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  1. @cassie It will also work on Windows 10 Pro ?
  2. NOW How I open my PORT ? I Try everything
  3. I can see the Bitcoment.exe in "change settings" There are two tick marks options "Public" & "Private" I tick both.
  4. It says in RED Cross Circle " Inbound connections that do not match a rule are block" Rest of them are all GREEN only " Inbound" connection is BLOCK. And When I allow Inbound it says FIREWALL Is Turn OFF ? Now what to do ? :S
  5. I am using Wifi, I don't use DSL... And In Windows 10 how i able to check "Windows Firewall" ? Please Guide me
  6. Hello, My Listen Port is YELLOW and I am using Windows 10. Tell me how I able to make my port GREEN. and secondly I have seeds on my torrent and it stop downloading. WHY ? I need help on this please. Regards -Fahad
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