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  1. I tried different clients yesterday. Some of them dont create such files, but recreate all folders, even if I didnt check them (this is so annoying). BitTorrent creates .dat files, but they are small in comparison to BitComet .!bc files (like 1.4Gb .!bc vs. ~200Mb .dat). I wonder why honestly, I liked BitComet much more than BitTorrent till I learned this fact. And one more question. If in torrent some small files has changed, will BitComet still seed other files or will it stop seeding this torrent entirely?
  2. 5-10% (like 120-200 Gb from 2 Tb). No, I didnt run check or didnt clear temp folders. I cant see how it can be related. Cause there is only problem with BitComet. It lefts this big hidden .bc! files. Even for reasons indicated in Wiki it cant be right. Other torrent clients doesnt do such things.
  3. Hi all! I'm using torrents mostly for music downloading. And I encountered the problem that I dont wanna download all stuff (all covers, singles, compilations) - only main albums. BUT Bitcomet creates this freackinly big .piece_part.bc! files. For example downloaded files weight is 800mb and .bc! file is 328mb. How can I solve this problem? I really like Bitcomet client, but I will be forced to change client cause of this "trash" files. P.S. I read this topic, I understand why this files are created: https://www.cometforums.com/topic/12795466-deleting-piece_partbc-will-make-complete-torrent-incomplete/
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