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  1. This is a bit over my head...I'll look at it more later... Can anyone tell me why a) I never had this problem before in all of the years I've been using Bitcomet? b0 And also, if this defrag or partitioning is an issue, why is it only an issue with Bitcomet and not any other programs I've been using, or downloading the same exact files by just using "save as..." ? I may just give up on Bitcomet if it's become so much more difficult to use....I don't have time for all this.
  2. Sorry, I meant to say I have over 700 GB of free space. All the temp files were deleted recently. I had a different problem and someone from Dell went in my laptop and did all that stuff - cleaned it out. Deleted temp files etc. Also, I recently backed up a lot of my files onto an external hard drive and deleted them on here. The laptop is fairly new (got it last November) and one of the best/most expensive I've ever had. I haven't had any other problems with it other than sometimes it suddenly decides that I can only use it if I touch the screen. Then I have to reboot and that fixes it.
  3. I have Windows 10, which automatically runs Disk Defrag. It last did it in April. I have over 700 GB. I would think that problem would also prevent me from saving the files in my browser as well...?
  4. I can't get BitComet to work for me any more (used it for years). I always get the red X when trying to download. The files I'm trying to download are zipped video files (TV show episodes) from a private site. I never had trouble downloading from there before. I can download them just fine by just right-clicking and choosing "save file as..." in my browser. I would prefer to use BitComet, though. When I right-click the failed download and choose properties I get: bitcomet querying file size failed: connecting failed I'm using Windows 10 Home. Bitcomet (64 bit) 1.45 Stabel Release. I
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