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  1. kluelos, franpa & Dark_Shroud, All I was saying is that on the newer versions of Bitcomet up to 0.79, there was an exceptional memory usage of 418MB on the RAM and 1.7GB(!!!) on the VM, and growing.... I know that the cache takes up to 50MB, and actually I mentioned that when I moved back to 0.70, the memory peak was a bit more than 50MB, which is OK. I reviewed some of the posts with the same problem I had, and all the replies were suggestions how maybe it can be solved. No single reply of "maybe it is a bug"... I know those new versions are not declared as stable versions, that's why I've got back to version 0.70. Still, bugs on unstable version should be reported too (as I did), otherwise the developers may not be aware of them... So, [...big breath...] does anybody here accept my claim (that it's a memory leak), or am I just out of my mind, mumbling jumbling all around??? :) Thanks, AP
  2. franpa, Where exactly did you see any explanation that describes how bitcomet is using the memory to its limits?? Please, do submit a link. Anyway from my perspective, keeping the hard drive healthy is done with the cache mechanism which takes up to 50mb by default. And as I hinted in my original post, going back to version 0.70 solved the problem, which means that it was using a reasonable amount of memory up to around 50mb with the same 2 tasks! (So if it should work the way you mentioned, it's not being done for ages... :-)) Bitcomet stuff, Please pay attention to my original post, and please reply to it. Thanks, AP
  3. Hi to the bicomet stuff, On several versions (after the 0.70, not sure about the exact version it started) up to the current version (0.79) there's seems to be a disturbing phenomenon, which can be referred, I believe, as a memory leak. Going Back to version 0.70 solved this problem. On the following snapshot you can see the memory usage of a bitcomet client thats was working for a day and a half with the following information: - Bitcomet ver 0.77 with default configurations, with only two download tasks (with a bit more trackers, about 20 per task, than the usual use). - WinXP SP2 (with 2GB ram default VM configuration). - 1.5Mb/128Kb cable connection to the internet. - Dialup connection (l2tp) to the ISP (its a direct connection - I get a public IP) with Windows Firewall only. - Every about 1 or 2 minutes, bitcomet takes all the cpu for 1-2 seconds. Do you aware of this bug? Thanks, AP
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