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  1. fav_en_us.xml 1 I have been playing with this since yesterday and had partial success. My fav_en_us.xml 1 file works pretty good. The only problem I still have with it is with Lime Torrents. If I put a file to search for in BitComet's search window I get an error that says the page is not redirecting properly. The other two sites work great...take me right to the file I am searching for. If anyone can tell me how to fix that I'd appreciate it. The other problem I can't get past is if I add a line to fav_en_us.xml 1 (see fav_en_us.xml 2) I get a blank drop down window again. Can someone please tell me how to add 1337x to fav_en_us.xml without borking it up? P.S. I found it much easier to edit these files using Notepad rather than Wordpad. Much cleaner. fav_en_us.xml 2
  2. Once again I am trying to add a couple new torrent sites to fav_en_us.xml. I have tried using a simple replacement of the out dated sites Torrent Bar, Sumo Torrent and btmon (see attached), but every time I edit the file the "Favorites" drop down in BitComet just shows up blank (no sites in list). I have tried just deleting everything in the file except what pertains to The Pirate Bay but I still get a a blank drop down list. I would like to add "https://limetorrents.cc/", "https://1337x.to/" and "https://kat.unblockit.ca/" to the list but keep hitting the same problem no matter how I try adding them. If anyone can point out my errors in the attached files (1 is current 2 is my attempt to add a site), I'd be most appreciative. jetjock fav_en_us.xml 1 fav_en_us.xml 2
  3. Hi Suspect, That's exactly what I did when I added my Sites. I opened two windows side by side with the original file (renamed & saved) in one and another copy that I made changes to, in the other. After each change I would test to see if it worked before making the next change. All is working fine now. Thanks! -- jetjock
  4. Disregard the above. I was able to figure out how to do it myself. Used "Notepad" and just copied over the original file. ? -- jetjock
  5. I'm afraid I am hitting a wall here. How do I edit the .xml file? I tried opening it in the Windows "XML Editor" which turns out to be nothing more than Internet Explorer which doesn't allow me to edit anything! Next, I tried just using WordPad which saves it as .txt file, which doesn't seem to work in BitComet. Next was "Word 2010" which won't open it. "Excel 2010" will open it but I can't figure out the formatting enough to edit it. I downloaded "XML Starlet", a command line editor, but can't figure out how to get it to run. I'm stumped!! Any suggestions will be gratefully accepted!! -- jetjock
  6. Drive is backed up every night. Thanks. Would be nice if BitComet would include LimeTorrents.cc and Kickass.unblocked.ist in the default list and get rid of those outdated Sites they have. You can never connect to The Pirate Bay Site, and TorrentBar is just for movies. -- jetjock
  7. I knew it had to be somewhere, but I couldn't find an .ini file! Many thanks for the help. -- jetjock
  8. I asked this question to "Support" several days ago but have not gotten a response, so will try here. At one time, I knew how to add torrent sites to Bitcomet, but have lost that info. Would you be good enough to tell how I can do that? I want to add a few sites to the default drop-down list that Bitcomet uses to search for torrents. i.e., I'd like to add LimeTorrents.cc and Kickass.unblocked.ist to the default list of ThePirateBay, TorrentRoom & TorrentBar. __ jetjock
  9. Is there any way to keep a list of searched for topics? It appears there is a long drop down list when I click the arrow at the right of the search window, but it clears every time I shut BitComet down. I can't find a setting for this in "options".
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