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  1. joymor1993

    The Pet Talk

    This is the place wherein you can talk about your pets at home, let me start by introducing my fur baby. This is Copper, the most hyper Pomeranian that you will meet. He loves to sneak out using the dog door, heading to the backyard. From there he will play until he gets tired then go back inside again. It has been the same routine every day. It was really so hard for me to deal with it before and I’m glad that I have installed a tiny little door for him to use.
  2. joymor1993

    The largest ocean in the world is

    LOL, what's with that question?
  3. I didn't get your point, can you please further elaborate it?
  4. joymor1993

    Thought for the day

    I am thinking about eating but I just remember that I am on a diet... Cheers for more apple cider consumption.
  5. joymor1993

    Currently Playing on Your Song List

    Music is life, got LSS with this song because of Angelica Hale.
  6. joymor1993

    Thought for the day

    Work and vacation, I need money but I want to travel at the same time.
  7. joymor1993

    We need a funny thread

    Advertising has gone wrong. Good luck to the marketing team of this print ad.
  8. joymor1993

    Hello Community!

    I don't think I can drink that, considering the spelling. I'm okay with coca cola and a normal chocolate milk drink. LOL
  9. joymor1993

    Hello Community!

    Thank you Sir! What with cocoa carbonated drink?
  10. joymor1993

    Hello Community!

    Hello all, just a newcomer here dropping by my introduction. I hope you guys are all well, especially those who are near the Carribean Sea. You guys have a good life, I'll just see you around!