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    I also never suggest you using free VPN. Because free VPN only access you to restriction sites but never keep you anonymous and also compromise your internet speed. That's why I will prefer you to use paid VPN. I will suggest you use xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  2. Neil_Hines

    VPN question

    The feature that you are looking for is Kill Switch which helps you protect your online traffic and keep it anonymous even if the VPN connection drops. This way if your VPN is off, your internet activities will automatically stop too. And, as your VPN connection resumes back, your internet activities will be resumed too. ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN that offer this feature as well as provide you P2P downloading via most of its servers.
  3. Neil_Hines

    The largest ocean in the world is

    I think is the Pacific Ocean.
  4. Neil_Hines

    Seed a little pls

    Thanks for your guidance its really helpful thread.
  5. Neil_Hines

    Need to restart torrents on every start

    Thanks for guiding us everytime friend. :-)
  6. Neil_Hines

    How to Lock Layout Tabs Size?

    I'm also searching the same solution but still didn't find out.
  7. I using Internet Download Manager (IDM) Software to download Videos from Youtube and other websites. IDM is the best software to download any videos. Hope you will also like this software. :-)