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    General: Reading Books (mostly History books and <br />******* Biographys),Outdore Games, Watching TV, <br /> Meeting with friends(Old)<br /><br />InterNet:Browsing,Downloading and Checking New Softwares.<br />******* <br /><br />Computer: Video Encoders and Photo Editing..<br />*********
  1. Give Progress Bar to The Downloading Torrent File to know which Part of the Data is Downloaded in the File.. If you want Bitcomet to be Simple And Past. Atleast give it in the Properties Dialogue box...
  2. It's good for us If you Provode to Select Which Part of a File should Download First. If it's given in the BitComet We have choice to Check the preview of the file (Mostly Video Files), and We can also Preffer to Download the part which is mostly available in the network with out waiting.. I saw this in eMule v0.47a Mod "Neo eMule v0.47.0.50" It's Greate option for Us...
  3. Well Iam Also Supporting your 2 Sugetions... 2 and 3rd are BEtter if they are Implimented in Future Release.............
  4. Enable the Task to order the details of a selected .torrent file.When Torrent File is added to the Bitcomet Already you added this in the download area... Add this functionality to \\\"Trakers, Files and Peers\\\" areas. In \\\"Summary\\\" give the Date&Time, when it\\\'s added ,when it is restarted and How many times it Restarted. A good Software Consist 2 things mainly 1. Stable and Faster 2. Good UI & User Friendly... Thank you...
  5. Thank you... for the sugetion... It\'s working greate.Now I have no problem... --Every body do the same... if you have problem...
  6. I installed BitComet Version 0.70. I don't see Manual Hash Check in .Terrent File Download Properties. And It's Disabled in Right click Context Menu...WHY?... How can I download Privies Incomplete Files.. Recently I Re Installed XP Pro SP2.. Plaese Any body Help ME..
  7. Why BitComet gives Responce after some delay.When Restore from Systray.
  8. It's Good to users, if you give a Download Bar to know exactly which part of the file is downloading(Like eMule)
  9. :) If some thing happend to the system after Re - Installing OS. Give to load previuos Incomplete Files to load from exact last time completed place..
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