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  1. you may manually copy extensions file from C:\Documents and Settings\YOURNAME\Application Data\CometNetwork\CometBird\Profiles\YOURNAME.default\extensions to C:\Program Files\CometBird\extensions
  2. test the forums
  3. Hi, Dr. WTF! Actually, seldom can poeple see the splash screen. We removed it months ago. But after your installation, it takes 24-48 hours for the clients to connect to the servers for the updates. During this period, you may see the splash screen before your client updated successfully. Our purpose of displaying this screen to users is that we want them to see some other interesting things instead of watching the black screen while the media file is loading. According to your post, we are planning to improve this function and give users the options. They can select to see the introduction of some other things or just watch the black screen. But please give us some more time to implement it into the software.
  4. If there is no “Download videos using BitComet” when you right-click on the page, you should make sure the following points: A: Is your BitComet the latest version? Please visit www.bitcomet.com to get the latest one. Now it is v.79. B: Is the explorer you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer? Any other explorer such as FireFox is not supported yet. C: Are you clicking on the right position? Clicking on a video, picture in the page will give you a different result. In this case, you’d better move your mouse to try some other positions. Notes: To enable this download, you should update your BitComet to version .79 which could be download here:www.bitcomet.com. Also only the I.E. is supported. I am sorry for ppls who are using FireFox. I am sorry for special_brew and Meverick. I had to delete your replies because I wanted my download guide be the first reply to this post. How to download video from youtube, ifilm, ........ Please see the guide herein. A. Install BitComet on your PC. You can download a BitComet here:http://www.bitcomet.com B. Open a page including at least one video. C. Right-click on the page and select "Download videos using BitComet" D. Select the video you want to download and click "OK" E. Modify the download information if you like and click "OK" to start your the video download These are all you need to do to download videos from these sites. If you have any questions related to video download, Post it here. We are glad to help you with your problem. From your posts, I am glad to see some guys have downloaded flv files with BitComet successfully. Congratulations! But another questions is how to play the file. I have a good news to tell you. The BitComet itself supports playing flv files. After your download finished, double-click the flv file within the BitComet windows, then the BitComet will play the video for you.
  5. hi, Generally speeking, bug reports are asked to be sent by mail. You can send the file to support@bitcomet.com. Thank you very much.
  6. Exactly. That's a good idea. I have told rnysmile this problem. By the way, I have sent you a pm in which you can get my msn account. I don't know whether you use msn. But please join me, if you have got one.
  7. In fact, BitComet has this feature. If you download a torrent with the same features as the one existed, you will get a alert. The "same features" means the same name, the same files and so on.
  8. We will take a download schedule into account. but we don't have time now. We will realize it in future. Thanx a lot.
  9. yeah, BitComet has this feature. you can click on "%" on toolbar to sort the file.
  10. Dark_Shroud and Archmaster936, thank you for your understanding. wyuenho, we will never open source and we do not charge anybody for commercial use of BitCometClient.
  11. 4. can i set the maximum download rate per each task You can set it in the "advanced" of the "task properties" 5. for the file that 100% download and other is 80% it is answered here:http://forums.bitcomet.com/index.php?showtopic=262
  12. Yes. I have tried and found some problems. We will correct it in the next version.
  13. Hi, a BitComet for linux is what we want also. But there are lots of things to do for BitComet now. As soon as we have time, we will try to develop it.
  14. Yes, there are lots of work to do. We will consider your suggestion.
  15. Could you please describe it more detailedly?
  16. Thank you for your proposal. but I think most people don't care the traker, they care speed more.
  17. 1. per torrent download/upload limiter. You can set it in the "task properties"-->advance 2. bandwith priority. (e.g.: when downloading multiple torrents, you want torrent x to have full bandwith possible since it has low seeds... etc..) you can set the priority of the torrents and BC will adjust it automaticly.
  18. you can set priority for different files or you can disable and enable some files to get what you want most.
  19. Sounds interesting. I think that would be helpful. We will consider how to realize it.
  20. It shows how many times the client has failed to connected.
  21. sorry. i was not sure i understand what you said. did you mean the file has a very long name which is 140 characters?
  22. sounds a good idea. we will take it into account. now, you can sort the torrents by names, percentage and so on.
  23. You are right. but this has something to do with the portocol. So if only we change this situation, nothing will be helpful.
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