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  1. I just have 2 downloads both have been stopped, but unexplained download and upload speeds for the moment stopped. Maybe whatever bitcomet was downloading was done. Thanks for your help.
  2. That what I initially thought too, so I disabled long term seeding and restarted bitcomet (downloads are already stopped), and immediately it shows about 5KB/s downloads, and after about 10 seconds it is again about 40KB/s download. Right now, even all downloads are stopped and I did not enable emule plugin in case you are wondering, it is still showing 14KB/s download and 3KB/s upload. I kind of worried maybe some adware or malware are piggybacking on bitcomet.
  3. I just noticed that my bitcomet (1.47 64 bits running on windows 10 64 bits) on the top left corner of window shows I have a download speed of about 40KB/s download and 5KB/s upload when I stopped all the downloads, even after I restarted it. Anyone knows what exactly it is downloading?
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