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  1. Right, thanks alot guys, it has helped and now works. Next time i will provide more details, but thanks for everything even in the abscence of detail!!! :D :rolleyes:
  2. Thanks for the help, but i dont exactly understand what your saying about the exe. do u mean change the name of the file, or convert the movie? thanks
  3. Hi guys. my bitcomet shows a 100% download for one of my downlaods. however, when it had uploaded a fair amount i closed it and stopped it uploading. i then went to my folder in which the download was in and found the file. it was unrecognised and had Bitcomet Incomplete Download written below it. (i have stopped it uploading). i then double clicked on it again after trying many methods to get it showing but still nothing works, only a new file opens and the downlaod begins again. please help!!!
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