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  1. I downloaded the link from your signature (from the repository) - everything works as it should. Moved from the vault to the download page of the latest version, clicked on the Download button. I compared the versions. In the repository - a full distribution. On the download page - online installer. It is during installation via the online installer that it is not possible to select the installation folder. Thank you for helping me solve my problem. I apologize for my English, this is not my native language, I used Google translate.
  2. There is no such option. Yesterday I proposed to perform an automatic installation or select options, from the options were only the installation of a popular browser in Russia and plug-ins to it. Just downloaded, now instead of the browser offers to put the antivirus and Chromium. But the option "choose the installation path" - no. On the first screen the button - Continue. On the second screen there are two buttons - Back and Accept. On the third screen there are two buttons - Undo and Accept. On the fourth screen there are two buttons - Undo and Accept. Links in the screenshots are links to user and license agreements, and so on. Installation process
  3. I tried to update from version 1.45, download and install from scratch - in any case there is no possibility to select a disk for installation, by default it is put on disk C. How to install BitComet v1.48 on disk D?
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