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  1. Please see the torrent from URL http://usbtor.ru/dl.php?id=1874 There are no file with name "Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.exe" at all, but BitComet show it !!! Please compare with uTorrent list. Please see the picture attached. It has no file "Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.exe" but BitComet show it !!! Torrent has two files: Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.0.2035.01.32.exeMacrium Reflect Server Rus 7.0.2035.01.64.exe But BitComet has a bug in function for parsing the path/name/extension and parse these two files as one file: Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.exe Reagrds,
  2. Hello Rhubarb, No, you are not. It is a bug. A very interesting bug. If you downloaded a torrent file in uTorrent and compare file list with BitComet you have got a differents in a list. Regards, Arti
  3. Hello all ! I found a bug in 1.48 version of BitComet (and in all previous versions too). 1) Please download a torrent file from here: http://usbtor.ru/viewtopic.php?t=932 or http://usbtor.ru/dl.php?id=1874 It has these 2 files: Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.0.2035.01.32.exe Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.0.2035.01.64.exe 2) Open this torrent in SIMPLE LIST mode and you got the names: Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.exe Macrium Reflect Server Rus 7.exe Where is the tail - ".0.2035.01.32.exe" ??????? and Where is the tail - ".0.2035.01.64.exe" ??????? This is a bu
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