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  1. I don't understand your point, I don't have multiOS loader, I'm downloading and uploading torrents parallel with my work and personal PC usage, I have several utilities with restriction of usage of any torrent client from my host PC, but it's possible to install the Bit Comet on my Virtual box machine with the same OS as on my host PC. I'm using Bit Comet many years and I don't need any other utility such as utorrent. But I've checked the utorrent for my usage scenario and they have an ability to ask me "A U sure to use the folder with unsupported file system" and after confirmation no problem
  2. My guest OS drive formatted to NTFS of course. My network (shared) folder has VBoxSharedFolderFS file system. It is possible to download files to the local folder, but impossible to the shared folder using Bit Comet. It is possible to copy any large file to the shared folder using windows file manager. My parent OS is the same as the guest OS - Windows 10 x64 pro 20H2. All drives partitions of the parent OS are NTFS.
  3. Also I've tried to copy 7 gigs file from a guest PC folder to the Download folder (shared with my guest PC) - no problem at all. I think that the problem is that the BC understands the VBoxSharedFolderFS file system like FAT32 not NTFS. One of solutions is possibility to confirm of unsupported FS usage in the BC UI, or fixing communication with the VBoxSharedFolderFS file system.
  4. I have a virtual machine of Oracle Virtual Box software (6.1.18) with installed Windows 10 20H2 x64 pro and BitComet (latest version). I have shared Download folder (visible like a network folder in a guest OS), located on my host PC drive. My guest OS has VB additions installed. The problem is that the BC says that it is impossible to download large file more than 4 gigs to my Download folder and the BC writes advice that I should have ntfs drive. But my host pc drive has ntfs file system. Please check and fix the issue.
  5. Hello, I've used a Bit Comet with the following disk cache settings: minimum disk cache = 9999, maximum disk cache = 16384. But it is not possible to resize these values to any other values. I have 128 gb of system RAM under Windows 10 x64 and I want to resize these values to as example: minimum disk cache = 64000, maximum disk cache = 96000 (in megabytes) for decreasing hdd usage. Please add this possibility to future version of a Bit Comet.
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