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  1. Hi Rhubarb, I turned the windows firewall off, still no joy, also there is only one green light on, the Port Detection Failed light is off.
  2. Hi guys, need a little help. I am not a computing whiz so am confused as to why this has suddenly happened. I checked the Forums but don't think I found the answer. I am humbly sorry if the answer is there somewhere. I have been using BitComet for years, have had no issues. I am currently running Version BitComet(64-bit) 1.49 Stable Release I was downloading some files on Thursday (Australian Time) and as I said have had no issues. The computer did an automatic update, I let it do its thing (Win 7 x 64bit) then my VPN (Private Internet Access) which I have been using for over a year now needed to be re subscribed to which I did for the next 2 years, got the password and all looked ok, but when I restarted Bitcomet everything looked good but it wasn't downloading, I then noticed that in the - Seeds/Peers [all] - column there doesn't seem to be any seeds or peers (but on the torrent site where I get the files it shows that there are plenty of both for the files), I have attached a screenshot, some of the files are TV shows and have never had problems getting them. What am I missing ? Thanks in advance
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