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  1. I'm glad to see that the second bug be fixed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! For 【the fisrt bug】: It seems that I had made some mistakes because I ALSO CANNOT REPRODUCE this bug anymore. I feel so sorry about this.
  2. Sorry for taking too long to reply. Well, it is actually 17134.112 and this version is pushed automatically. I think it should not be a beta version.
  3. It's obvious that PC-A hold 2 pieces(100% completed), but PC-B can only download the last piece, the other piece is not available as shown in PC-B interface.
  4. Two bugs in version 1.48, 1.49 and 1.51 【The first bug】is found in version 1.49 and 1.51 running on 'Windows 10 x64 10.0.17134 zh-cn'. It appears when part of files in a torrent is selected to download. When download is completed, it show 100%. But if I perform a hash-checking, it return back to about 9x% and start to re-download. From the 'Block Tab' I found the pieces at the boundery of two or more files had been abandomed. I have to stress that I completely understand the purpose and importance of the piece_part files and I never do any thing to it(Of course, i never delete the task in G
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