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  1. I'm glad to see that the second bug be fixed. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! For 【the fisrt bug】: It seems that I had made some mistakes because I ALSO CANNOT REPRODUCE this bug anymore. I feel so sorry about this.
  2. Sorry for taking too long to reply. Well, it is actually 17134.112 and this version is pushed automatically. I think it should not be a beta version.
  3. It's obvious that PC-A hold 2 pieces(100% completed), but PC-B can only download the last piece, the other piece is not available as shown in PC-B interface.
  4. Two bugs in version 1.48, 1.49 and 1.51 【The first bug】is found in version 1.49 and 1.51 running on 'Windows 10 x64 10.0.17134 zh-cn'. It appears when part of files in a torrent is selected to download. When download is completed, it show 100%. But if I perform a hash-checking, it return back to about 9x% and start to re-download. From the 'Block Tab' I found the pieces at the boundery of two or more files had been abandomed. I have to stress that I completely understand the purpose and importance of the piece_part files and I never do any thing to it(Of course, i never delete the task in GUI becasue if do so the piece_part file will be deleted). At first I used the version 1.49 and struggled with this bug. After that I updated to version 1.51 and found this bug stay unchanged. I read the 1.49 Release Notes and found this line:'Core Improve: decrease piece_part file size for BitTorrent task with only part files selected to download'. I guess that this improvement bring in this bug so that I install the version 1.48 and find this bug DISAPPEAR!! I had try a lot of torrents(including a torrent made by myself with VuzeDownloader for experiment)and found this bug always happened on version 1.49 to 1.51. The version 1.48 is OK. By the way, the version 1.49 seems have no problem reading the piece_part files downloaded by version 1.48 and can always show 100% after hash-checking. 【The second bug】is found mainly in version 1.48 on 'Windows 10 x64 10.0.17134 zh-cn', 'Windows 8.1 x64 zh-cn'(running in VirtualBox) and 'Windows XP SP3 zh-cn'(running in VirtualBox). Firstly, I had a group of files which are completely downloaded (downloaded by version 1.48) on PC-A. These files are from the same torrents and they are only 【part of files】 of that torrents. A task of this torrent with those files selected had been created. And of course, it showed this task is 100% completed and there was a piece-part file at the root directory. Secondly, I sent this torrent to the other PC (in the same Local Network, with version 1.48, called PC-B) and created a Task for it on PC-B. Then I tried to transfer these files by manually add the PC-B to PC-A's Users List. During the download THE BUG APPEARED. From the 'Block Tab' I found all of the pieces at the boundery cannot be downloaded from PC-A. Actually, PC-A told PC-B that all of the pieces at the boundery IS NOT AVAILABLE!!! I find this truth by some isolated blocks (at the boundery of two very big files, and holding a lot of small files, and i only need these small files) to download. These isolated blocks show some very thin line at the 'User Tab' of PC-A (May be Peer Tab, idontknow ,I use the zh-cn version). However, in the 'User Tab' of PC-B, I found that there was not any corresponding line of these isolated blocks. It means that PC-B NEVER knowed that PC-A was holding these blocks. 【!!!】The most confusing things is that , I used VuzeDownloader on PC-B to download from BC1.48 on PC-A and the bug was still here: VuzeDownloader learnt that the boundary blocks were not available. I guess the piece_part files is used for hash-checking, but unfortunately, its data are not used for seeding. But I think this behaviour is not reasonable. Please fix it. I also use 1.49 on PC-A, but it is of no use. When I transfer files from completely selected torrents, this bug never shows up. I had tried torrents from different sources(including one made by myself) and this bug keep showing up. BTW: I use only zh-cn OS, maybe this is the problem. BTW: My English is poor, excuse me.
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