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  1. Despite global max connections limit =40 and max connection connections =20, 10k sockets used, and it's only the beginning. 1.51 has had 832k (eight hundred thirty two thousand) sockets in its name before I closed it for update. A 50MiB netstat listing. bcbug.txt
  2. P.S. I suggest splitting the topic into two.
  3. Curiously, only 32-bit file is detected as possible malware. If you install 64-bit version, there's no alert.
  4. I've found a rather strange proxy behavior. Every time I restart BitComet, I'm unable to download torrents, it can sit idle for hours, retrying without a success, until I edit my proxy settings. Just changing them back and forth immediately spring the program to life. The proxy I'm using is SOCKS5 (fully socks5h compatible). BitComet settings are Proxy type: Socks5 Proxy server: domain name of the proxy server Proxy port: 1080 Adding or removing "socks=" prefix to the server name does not change the behavior.
  5. I just got hit by a similar issue. My disk space gone down when backup process caught a directory it was not supposed to archive, and BitComet trashed its own configuration files. I've managed to recover downloads queue from automatic backups, but configuration itself was irrecoverable lost, as BitComet rewrite it, but do not make backups, nor use safe file replacement techniques.
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