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  1. Downloaded from https://www.bitcomet.com/en/archive If you question my reliability, just upload it yourself to VirusTotal and take a long look on the outcome. I've installed the downloaded on latest Win7SP1 x64, Exe from C:\Program Files\BitComet uploaded to VirusTotal Again verifying my observation is just one click away (uploading to VirusTotal)
  2. I took "your word" and installed - below (attached) is the outcome of BC 1.52 x64 exe on Virus Total ... As for being a veteran, I'm not an antique as you are, I used to be alpha and beta tester of 2 official eMule variants (one is still available for download on CNET).
  3. It's no me having a false positive, just a "small Google site" named VirusTotal, but who am I to question the choices made by the great minds of those in-charge of BitComet distribution after knowing the outcome of scanning their doing on the commonly used VirusTotal ...
  4. Identified as trojan Downloaded from official archive (look at the attached pics) :
  5. So why it is available for download from BitComt archive ?
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