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  1. 2. No status info on trackers tab after reboot with private trackers. But connects this time. 3. Installation stuck at 100% for me.
  2. 1.51 freezing for #metoo. Example 1: 11k files task (6 BD). 99.9% after hashing. Went to uncheck a folder with many small files > freeze. Example 2: 20 BD task start > freeze. I was able to seed this task last year on some older BitComet versions.
  3. Disabling what works? My IPv6 is disabed.
  4. I have no errors on tracker tabs, DHT is enabled and no VPN.
  5. Sorry, I was wrong. It's not corruption. Please delete topic. After restart of the program, on "tackers" tab only of the private trackers tasks status is empty instead of "logged in; ...". IDK why. A'OK with uTorrent. So it's my settings/OS...
  6. Hello. Can someone confirm "torrent corruptions" after emergency PC shutdowns? (OS on SSD). Problem is: after booting into OS _some_ active seeding torrents don't show up as active seeding on trackers' account pages. Neither uploading happens. Have to delete the jobs and download .torrent files again to add and rehash... Never happened before 1.52. The only change is Windows 10 updates, I guess. Thank you.
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