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  1. i solved the problem. the fault is with the DHT network. if it's enabled then it will cause the internet in the whole house to cut when i launch bitcomet and it's looking for peers. i disabled DHT network in the bitcomet settings and the problem went away
  2. before i was using a 1 mbps internet connection and there were no problems when i launched bitcomet. after that i upgraded to a 500 mbps internet connection and new routers were installed. after that a weird problem started whenever i launch bitcomet to start downloading a torrent the internet will cut in the whole house for a bit. when peers are found and the download starts then the internet comes back how do i stop bitcomet from cutting the internet when i launch the program and it's looking for peers?
  3. i think i figured out the issue. when i want to download stuff by using bitcomet then it has to connect to peers to do the download. it looks like some of those peers are marked as malicious so when bitcomet tries to connect to those peers then bitdefender will block that connection. am i right?
  4. i have been using bitcomet for many years and i have never had any issues. i am always downloading bitcomet from www.bitcomet.com recently i installed bitdefender internet security on my laptop. after that sometimes when i run bitcomet then a popup from bitdefender shows and it says it blocked malicious url from being accessed by bitcomet.exe and the popup shows every 5 sec and then it stops showing. this doesnt always happen when i run bitcomet also if bitcomet tries to download the setup file for new version then bitdefender is deleting the setup file and it says that it's adware why are these issues happening? bitcomet should be safe and the issue is that bitdefender is too strict and it's catching false positives and i should add bitcomet to the exclusion of bitdefender. is that ok?
  5. i am using bitcomet 1.57 on windows 10 build 1809 sometimes when i click on bitcomet in the start menu the program won't start. normally i fix such problems by going to the task manager and searching for the process name and i do end task and then i try to launch the program again. i checked the task manager. there is no bitcomet,exe process and there is just bitcomet disk booster service. i do end task for it and then i try to run bitcomet again but nothing happens. i need to log out of windows and sign back in so bitcomet works why is this happening? can i make bitcomet work without having to sign out and back in?
  6. a very long time ago my computer got hacked. i think it happened in 2003. back then i wasn't using proper protection software. i was using windows xp at that time. i guess i could have been using torrents back then and that's how the hacker got my ip address after that i installed a proper antivirus which has a firewall and i continued to use torrents. i am still downloading by using torrents and there never has been another incident. thus as long as i am careful and i don't download malware by using torrents and i am using proper protection software then it's safe to use torrents? also is there a need to connect to vpn if i want to use torrents? my internet service provider doesn't care for what i download and using torrents is allowed in the country where i live
  7. my laptop is an alienware 17 and i am running win 8.1 64 bit. i have been using bitcomet for many years. everything was perfect. it was ok and i didnt have to do any port forwarding or anything like that. a few days ago i installed the latest version of bitcomet. it was fine yesterday night. just now i tried it. i got port detection failed and this is what i see https://ibb.co/eFv62K. https://ibb.co/nJeS9z is my bitcomet settings. i clicked on try random port. same issue my antivirus is kaspersky internet security 2019. an allow rule is already created for bitcomet and i did it long ago. i tried bitcomet with kaspersky disabled. still port detection failed. i tried bitcomet while i am connected to vpn. still port detection failed. i uninstalled and reinstalled and i tried older versions of bitcomet. still port detection failed. i switched off my laptop and my router and i restarted both. still port detection failed i tested my port number in https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd2. i typed in the port number and i clicked User Specified Custom Port Probe. https://ibb.co/kxaENK is the result what is happening? why did it suddenly spoil? how do i fix it?
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