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  1. waiting........ now on the main download page we have latest official release 0.77 we dont have anymore lates stable release 0.70 and still in 0.77 we dont have proxy support?!?!
  2. well i cant find it besides i am waiting the support team to reg a channel so it to be official So bitcomet support team when we to expect a bitcomet irc channel it can be opened for seconds and at least 1 support member at a time to be online there to help and disscuss and thats it.
  3. well why ff to be integrated. I wish just to make bc to open the links with your default browser. there are alot of programs that open links externally with your default browser and some that open them with ie no matter which is your default browser i think we are not talking for bultin browser here but why when you set in preferences to not open links with built in browser bc open ie not your default browser?
  4. I wanted to test 0.77 and cant because for now i am behind proxy and I am wonder what was the problem to remove it?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!? :angry: :angry: :angry:
  5. yes its empty and i asked before what it is for?
  6. first ccleaner will not delete the files that you have in system volume information folder; second it is completely safe to delete the files that are there because "it is supposed" that windows should delete them if you turn off system restore and normally will do it, but many times it is bugged and left 3-4GB backups there (+ a dozen of trojans and viruses and spyware well saved for future use :)) after you turn off srestore.
  7. this is normal, ive found bc using 250mb sometimes. memory leak is if you have 2gb ram and when you try to open taskmanager to see error message not enough memory. lol
  8. if you are using XP - turn off system restore then reboot then show hidden files then go into system volume information folders on all of your drives c:,d: and delete everything you find and you can.
  9. I vote yes for irc channel and i will be ok with every server no matter which you choose. with the irc channel the problems could be solved many times faster.
  10. I have just added for download a 2.44GB task. from this task i've selected 4 files with 45KB size. 4*45=180KB in the size column of the task i see 16MB(2.44GB) :mellow: :huh:
  11. my home network: adsl(telephone line)<->dslmodem/router<->nic1/pc1<->PC1<->nic2/pc1<->cat5 lan cable<->nic/pc2<->PC2 when i plug in the lan cable connecting pc1 and pc2: adsl(telephone line)<->dslmodem/router<->nic1/pc1<->PC1<->nic2/pc1<->cat5 lan cable<->nic/pc2<->PC2. i have connection between them, but immediately then i lose my internet connection here: adsl(telephone line)<->dslmodem/router<->nic1/pc1<->PC1<->nic2/pc1<->cat5 lan cable<->nic/pc2<->PC2 i have ping to my router. when i unplug the lan cable: adsl(telephone line)<->dslmodem/router<->nic1/pc1<->PC1<->nic2/pc1<->cat5 lan cable<->nic/pc2<->PC2 then I have internet connection: adsl(telephone line)<->dslmodem/router<->nic1/pc1<->PC1<->nic2/pc1<->cat5 lan cable<->nic/pc2<->PC2
  12. stop the task, right-click, manual hash check. then start the task.
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