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  1. yes KIS 2019 treats bitcomet.exe as trojan and deletes it after some time even after adding it in threats and exclusions i rather stay at 1.45 version, it's working fine and there's no false trojan warnings, i check again 1.51 version in KIS 2020 when they release final version, maybe they fixed it
  2. no it keeps deleting some files: since 1.46 version it deletes even installation exe file, last version is 1.45 that installs fine without deleting anything, so KIS 2019 and maybe some other antiviruses changed something in their latest virus definitions that prevents using bitcomet 1.46-1.53 builds, even it is false positive and there's no actual virus or trojan
  3. well KIS 2019 started deleting bitcomet.exe file even after adding it in threats and exclusions (using 1.51 version) , i think i switch to 1.45 version as well, there's no such problem, well it treats 1.46-1.53 versions as adaware and doesn't like fusion.dll file in those versions, i even cannot install those version when KIS 2019 is running, i think they changed this recently, because i was using 1.46-1.51 since they were released and never had any problems with them using KIS maybe it's something to do with the installer, i will try zipped version as well and report back
  4. well it has only avast advertisement on start page, i just removed start page tab and it disappeared, maybe some antiviruses treat it as adaware, in past they had different advertisement on start tab
  5. no problem remains unsolved, use 1.51 version
  6. george2018

    .torrent files

    in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\BitComet\torrents folder
  7. yes i had same problem, just false positive, you should add bitcomet.exe in threats and exclusions not only kaspersky some other antivirus programs treat it as virus, i think this happened after i installed 1.53 update, before that it was working fine, i tried older builds and they doesn't have this problem, 1.45 was fine
  8. i had same problem, KIS 2019 deleted bitcomet.exe after installing 1.51 build, adding it in threats and exclusions helped, then i changed some tab settings and removed threats and exclusions rule and warning message disappeared, it was some kind of adaware not-a-virus, i think just false positive, before that i never had any problems using 1.51 build
  9. i have same bug since 1.52 version, well when i run any torrent from private trackers at first it's working fine, after i quit bitcomet and enter again there's no connection, this happens with any private torrent, i think DHT IPV6 network URL is the problem, when i installed 1.51 version and removed DHT IPV6 network URL private torrent download is working again, so at the moment i cannot use latest bitcomet version for private trackers, all the torrents without private tracker flag is working fine with 1.52-1.53 builds, i know that some private trackers block bitcomet client but this is not the case, every private torrent working fine using 1.51 build, torrent trackers that i used so far: rutracker.org (with some older torrents with private flags) https://bluebird-hd.org https://www.torrentleech.org https://www.torrentday.com/ port is green and at first it's working fine, but there's some problem after quiting bitcomet and resuming downloading i never had any problem before using private trackers in older bitcomet builds, this bug started only after IPv6 DHT Tracker support added in 1.52 build i have already uploaded screenshots in this topic
  10. george2018

    Port detection failed

    well when i turned on bitcomet 1.51 today green light returned again, i haven't changed anything, you don't need to download anything port opens without downloading now, yesterday i update java runtime, but maybe internet provider changed some settings, well problem started after i installed 1.52 build, before that i never had any problems and port always stayed green
  11. george2018

    Port detection failed

    lol, green light returned again using bitcomet 1.51 build, but problem with private trackers remeins on 1.52 build
  12. george2018

    1.52 torrents corruption

    it's altready disabled in lan settings: 1.52 not working: 1.51 without removing dht ipv6 network url not working: 1.51 after removing dht ipv6 network ulr working fine with open port: so in next version if you allow to disable dht ipv6 network every private torrent downloads should work again, now with 1.52 build it's doesn't matter whether i enable or disable dht network or enable or disable ipv6 protocol, all the added torrents with private flag doesn't have any reaction after download starts, if you add new private torrent and start download instantly then it works, after exit same torrent stops working, all other torrents without private flag also working fine with bitcomet 1.52 (both with DHT network enabled/disabled and ipv6 enabled/disabled)
  13. george2018

    Port detection failed

    or provider changed something, when download starts it's fine again after 1-2 minutes download (with proper port forwarding in router), most ports seems closed when i check https://portchecker.co but when i start bitcomet 65000 port is open, but after exiting bitcomet port is closed again, so something is preventing it to stay open all the time even with port forwarding, i never had this problem before, i don't do any online gaming, but browsing is working fine, as well as torrents, so it's only minor problem
  14. george2018

    1.52 torrents corruption

    i tested about 10 computers and all had same problem, also my friends have same bug with private trackers with 1.52 build, if if first install 1.52 version and then 1.51 and don't remove DHT ipv6 network address in tracker url in 1.51 version download doesn't work as well, so problem is definitly with new version, if you add new private torrent and start download it's working fine without exiting torrent client, when you exit client and then start same private torrent download there's no reaction (i think new DHT ipv6 network url address makes all the private tracker torrents to stop), i have fiber optic 55mb,sec with FZE660 router (no wifi) windows 1803 build with latest updates and KIS 2019
  15. george2018

    1.52 torrents corruption

    i don't have any vpn running