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  1. yes in my case it always delete update.exe, but with 1.60-1.61 builds all other files are fine, but before that and after it even won't allow to install, this started i think from 1.50 build, i use KIS more than 10 years and it never done this in 1.40+ builds
  2. but not in evry build just some, for example builds 1.60,1.61 install fine without disabling KIS 2020, also there's some new setting in 1.62, but i need editable tabs and will use 1.60 build, it's working fine
  3. it is same with new 1.62 as well, but 1.60 and earlied builds working fine, 1.62 you have have to disable KIS in order to install, it delets exe as adware
  4. ok fine then staying at 1.60 i need this function, without this i have to check torrent functionality by clicking download, i could not go to torrent website directly without changing publisher url tab with many torrents, since all other builds working fine, i think problem is only with 1.61 build, if it was windows 10 or other av fault any other builds would not work as well, i already tested this bug for more than 10 systems with different configs, windows 10 builds and even tested with windows 7, all users reported that it was same with 1.61 an 1.60 working fine, so bug happens only with 1.
  5. i was asking Rhubarb BitComet Tech Support, your screen shows same problem, but maybe bitcomet devs changed this from 1.61 build and it is not bug afterall, but those two tabs where always editable in previus bitcomet builds, problem is only with 1.61 build, i use bitcomet torrent client from mid 2005 and this is first time that i cannot change those two tabs, but bug or not fact is it is uneditalbe anymore from build 1.61, i can take more screenshots of course from different systems but it won't change anything. it is up to devs to fix it or left as it is no antivirus, clean system
  6. Rhubarb, can you show your screnshot please, just want to make sure that we're talking about same issue, since i tested over 10 different pc with different windows 10 builds all having same bug, how can you say that this is not global issue, it's not just my main system, my other two pc have same problem, my few friends pc having same issue, if this is not global issue then what it is, i already tested this bug on many systems, asked my friends in forums to test it all had same problem, because with other bug that i asked to look you were acting same but it was really bug and it was fixed late
  7. it is global bug i specially tested today in the office all systems have same bug, here's another screenshot of my friend: i can take many such screnshots, i tested 3 more pc for myself, i change every torrent which doesn't lead to correct address, for example there's owner's link not film,game or other soft, if you understund what i mean, this is quite useful option which older bitcomet builds had, one click and you're in webside checking torrent information,number of seeders and if it is still working or time to change, or they already updated torrent to new one, so it's not just
  8. i also checked two other pc all with same results, freshly installed windows 1709 build has same bug, i asked to check my friend he has same problem, so i think it is global bug, i cannot change url here only if i install 1.60 build: same is with name, it is somehow uneditable in latest 1.61 build only, only if devs disabled this from 1.61 deliberatly
  9. yes all older builds are fine, problem is only 1.61, also i never had this bug before, first appeared on 1.61, but appart this build was working fine, same is with 1.6 build, so i rather stay for older build for now, since i sometimes need to edit those two tabs
  10. well i tried installing without any KIS2019 running, even without any setting and changes, it is still uneditable like in screenshots, 1.60 fine, 1.61 not, KIS 2019 now delete only Updater.exe in C:\Program Files\BitComet\tools no more bitcomet.exe removing and false trojans since 1.60, i use windows 10 18376.476 build , never had this bug (if this is bug) in any bitcomet builds, only web seeding and comments tab is editable , publisher name and publisher url is uneditable in 1.61 build
  11. in latest build bublisher tab is uneditable is this new change or just bug, 1.60 working fine: it was always like that in the past as well, till 1.60 build you could change both publisher name and publisher url if you want in torrent task, in latest 1.61 build it isn't possible anymore
  12. this bug finally fixed in new 1.56 build, all the private trackers working again after exiting bitcomet except teamhd.org which banned bitcomet client Core Bugfix: after all trackers in private torrent been replaced, no tracker will be connected when task downloading
  13. this bug is still there in 1.54 new bitcomet build, i tried every combination but download doesn't work after i restart bitcomet client, problem is with dht ipv6 network ulr, i already checked with 1.51 version if you have dht ipv6 network ulr private tracker tasks doesn't work, when i removed it from any private torrent download works again, i altredy checked around 5-6 private trackers not 1-2, my friends have same problem with newer builds, by the way all the standard torrent tasks without private flag are working fine with 1.52-1.54 builds
  14. well no more false trojan warnings in new 1.54 build but 1.52 bug with private trackers remains, i don't know about other users but with ipv4 connection i cannot continue to download any private torrent task after i restart bitcomet client, i checked many torrent trackers and none is working with private flag, 1.51 version works fine as well as older ones, can you at least add option to remove dht ipv6 network url from private trackers, otherwise it won't download anything and i'm stack with 1.51 build as well as many other users who still use ipv4 protocol and private trackers with bitcomet
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