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  1. bit_fan


    Hey Cassie, Rhubarb I found the last msg from Cassie in the spam folder (after i set the 'Notify me of replies' option on seeing Rhubarb's msg) You all have been great. I hope you're getting paid or recognised for your time and work helping people around here. Take care of yourselves..
  2. bit_fan


    Thank you, Cassie. It's been great with Bitcomet/only positive so far, so I want to give back. Thanks again for the welcome. Sorry for the late reply I don't visit the forum much and received no message that there was a reply. Cheers
  3. bit_fan


    Thank you Rhubarb. Thought that might be what I had to do, since I searched high and low for weeks if not months, for that 'donate' button, and found the 'support' addy only. Ill be emailing support. Thanks again for replying.
  4. bit_fan


    Just signed up today. Really like Bitcomet. signed up mainly to ask how we donate to the makers/develop. people etc. Thanks everyone.
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