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  1. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    Just for update Problem solved Thank you
  2. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    Ok, I understand I will try that Thank you very much
  3. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    I was referring to the login webpage or the registering page this one https://passport.bitcomet.com/client/register/?v=1.52&l=en_us i does not work
  4. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    When i come to this link i found Page not found https://passport.bitcomet.com/client/register/?v=1.52&l=en_us and it redirects me to here https://passport.bitcomet.com/en
  5. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    I just checked now and still the same tried with both ID and email, I am logged here but can not log on the downloader software
  6. tfighter

    Sign In Problem

    Dear All, I can not log in with the bitcomet app When I click on SignIn i put my ID and password but keep trying to connect forever and never signin Sorry to bother you, i checked a bit in the forum before posting here but have not found same problem. If anyone can help me or redirect me to a topic i missed during my search i would be grateful. Thanks
  7. tfighter


    Thanks guys :)
  8. tfighter


    Dear All, I am a new member here. I hope I can contribute well. Thank you