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  1. Update - turns out the torrents I was using for testing were from a private tracker that has banned BitComet as a client. From what I gather the reason is related to the communication of true torrent stats which they use to enforce various ratios and limits. Bummer as I am a big fan of BitComet and it's by far my favorite client so far. When using a different (non-private) tracker, everything looks great and is flowing at ~10,000 kB/s. I am happy to have successfully cobbled together this setup with static IP + port forwarding + VPN, but sad to have to choose between the invite-only trac
  2. UPnP is on in BitComet settings, and I tried both TCP and UDP in the VPN - still no luck. No torrents will download, and "Port Detection Failed" still showing with the gray circle.
  3. Hi @Rhubarb thanks for the quick response. When VPN is disabled, the port checkers show it as NOT open... My VPN is Private Internet Access. I did follow their instructions for enabling port forwarding through the VPN, which was a toggle "on" in the settings, and connecting to one of a specific list of location gateways. See screenshot of VPN settings panel below - any ideas?
  4. Hi all... I know this is a popular challenge, and I've read many many posts about it before coming here. Hoping you can help - thanks in advance. BitComet is showing "Port Detection Failed" in the lower right corner, with a gray circle. If I "check again" from the right click menu, it stays gray and stays as "Port Detection Failed". No torrents that are added begin downloading. Details: Network Static IP address setup on local computer VPN service is in use, with verified open port (canyouseeme.org shows OPEN) Port forwarding setup on router
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