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  1. I wanted to play some Touhou and I found this torrent -><link removed>I wanted to know if it had any malware or anything else that would make it unsave hidden inside of it.
  2. Hi everyone. New here and love what I see so far. I'm a pretty low-level techie for now and looking for some answers to a few basic questions. I've browsed threads to try and find an answer before starting a new thread.I do everything on my Samsung S8 phone. I haven't opened my laptop in ages.My question is: do torrents only upload while I'm downloading? I can't use Roku and run my VPN at the same time. I only download while VPN is running. So I'm wondering if my isp, or anyone else, can see any torrent activity while I'm using Roku?Maybe a dumb newbie question but I guess I'm a little paranoid and want to be absolutely sure.Thanks for your help. Maybe I should have provided more info.I have Ivacy VPN and download from Bitport.io. I play my files directly from the Bitport channel on Roku. The files are never in my phone storage.
  3. Hey, guys. What's up with Far Cry 4?I tried 7 different versions of Far Cry 4 ( for PC ) and none of them worked.Can you let me know which is the version you guys are using?Thanks.
  4. This one https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/9646605...64-THADOGG(onion) I can't finish the torrent, even though I see there are several seeds, the eta gets to 0, then it goes to 100% for a second then back to 99.9% and this one https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6309701...ason_(1-7)(onion) This is a little bit strange, I was a seed for this torrent, now I'm trying to send it to get my ratio to 1.0, I had 100% but now it has fallen back to 99.7% and I'm missing pieces? What happened to them? I'm using utorrent 3.5.4 build 44846 32-bit? Isn't it supposed to ban bad peers who keep sending corrupt data? I've downloaded 24.6 Gigabyes of the 10.3 GB rocky torrent and it doesn't look like it's doing it. If there are seeds they must have all the uncorrupt pieces. As for the family ties torrent, could something be corrupting good pieces I already had?
  5. Doctor Who, WWE and F1 are my top shows 😁
  6. Has anyone stumbled onto a way to print digital files onto glass plate? I've done the whole process with a view camera in the past, but wonder if there is a way to do it using digital files and not actual capture onto the glass itself using the View Camera.
  7. It shouldn't corrupt the files. Your downloads should continue as soon as you restart the PC.
  8. Although I am late to the discussion, if you're still looking for a free VPN You can use Ivacy Lite VPN for all your torrenting activities. Its free and you can download torrents at good speeds without any connection drops.
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