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  1. When i said laggy, i wasn't talking about downloading speed on torrents. I was talking about my mouse being laggy and not responsive. And It happens even if all task are stopped.
  2. Slowdown occur even when no task running on bitcomet. I get feeling like bitcomet do some kind of work from time to time. Because it can slow down when nothing downloaded and work fine when i download like different 10 files. And vice versa. Restart didnt change anything, if it was laggy - it stay laggy, if it wasnt - it wont. I have really big torrent library. Is it possible that problem lies in it?
  3. Ah, didn't know there was a difference ... Was talking about pagefile. Set max disk cache to 10240 mb. Should be enough i think. But it didn't helped. I have 36 gb, so i don't think this is where the problem. And i forgot to mention, when i exit from bitcomet, there i big slowdown for a few seconds, even mouse lag.
  4. 1) bitcomet 1.52 2) Optical Fiber 3) router Asus rt-n12, port forwarded 4) - 5) Win 7, avast antivirus 6) no erm ... ok... tnx i guess...
  5. Tried it, nothing changed. Well, there are many, many processes. What should i look for?
  6. There is no topic there ... But i didn't change anything anyway (Well new games does not count, i hope). It started, i think, when i installed new version of bitcomet, but when later i uninstalled it and installed earlier version it didn't help at all. Yea, first thing i thought about too. Anti-virus is off (avast) but nothing changes. Page file on 4 physical disks 2 times Ram size on each so i don't think there should be a problem.
  7. Using bitcomet for more than 10 years. Lately it started to consume so many pc resources that i cant even move mouse or listen to music when bitcomet is on (it stutter). But it uses only 25% of processor. It not always that way and sometimes it working normally. I really dont want to use another torrent client. Pls help.
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