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  1. Started using torrents way back before any of the GUI programs (like BitComet) were available and all you got was a little 'pop-up window' with the name of the torrent and a progress bar. Took a break from it for about a year and when I came back to it, I found some of the GUI programs and thought "that's cool". I tried a few of them and BitComet was by far my favorite. Took another break and just started using it again about a month and a half ago. Still loving it and am happy that the devs are still hard at work to improve it. My seeding parameters: I will seed my files for either a share ratio of 10.0 or when it hits a total seeding time of 30 days, unless after 30 days, the share ratio is under 2.0, then I will continue to seed until it hits 2.0 but no longer than 60 days.
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