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  1. Thanks Rhubarb. I'm also a long timer, my first PC was a ZX Spectrum so you can be sure that I know what I'm doing. Thanks for your help. I'm sure each user will decide according to their own situation.
  2. In other thread you say; "That's why 99% of all software states "Close all running applications" and 'all' means ALL. " Rhubarb, you don't need to close AV apps. They are designed to be running during installs. You can even install whole Adobe Creative Suite or some low leverl USB Dongle or system drivers without stopping Kaspersky or any AV. Closing an AV for every installation defeats the whole purpose of having an AV on your system. Every experienced user knows that. If you ask BC developers, I'm sure they'll agree too. Sorry dude, I've been using my AV for 8 year
  3. Kaspersky does not say it's a trojan or a virus. It says "adware" I don't know what others think but I wouldn't disable/ or change my AV just because a torrent client does not comply with it's protection rules. I trust Kaspersky and I'm sure many people trust them too That's why they install it on their system and let it control everything. We like BitComet too and we trust it so we use it on our systems but if you ask me to make a choice I'd uninstall BC and keep Kaspersky. I believe it's BitComet's job to build a proper exe file (like the old version) that does comply wit
  4. I have installed v1.45 and it works fine with Kaspersky, Thanks george2018
  5. I just tried downloading Bitcomet setup on a machine with Symantec av and it blocked the download. Then i tried downloading another torrent client to see if its about a problem with torrent software. Other client didn't alert the av. As you said, it's probably due to ads, or the way ad engine works. I hope Bitcomet fixes that issue because it's impossible for people running av to understand if it's a false positive or a real infection. A known false positive exe can get infected too.
  6. Thanks for confirming the issue. The strange thing is, I haven't been updating Bitcomet for months. It kept asking me if i want to update and i remember declining it due to being busy fetching urls at that time. I wonder if it downloads a copy of the updated exe before asking me to run the update everytime. Since i have 8 copies of bitcomet exe file in win7 temp folder, i guess it does download it, then asks for installation. Anyone to confirm that?
  7. Hi, I've been using BitComet with Kaspersky AV for more that 2 years without any issues. Today when I run BitCommet, Kaspersky warned me about BitComet beeing an adware (AdWare.Win32.DealPly.eaazj) and removed it. It also removed 8 copies of bit????.tmp.exe from Windows 7 Temp folder. Anyone else experienced this recently? Is it just me or is it a common thing?
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