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  1. Nope. The HBA didn't make things smoother I think.
  2. In v1.69, if I just start BitComet only with pure download tasks that I know have LT upload seeders, even just a few like 15 tasks, BitComet would program crash after 5 minutes to 10 minutes. I have done a few tests and that seems to be the conclusion. If I mix those LT download tasks with download tasks I don't know if there are LT seeders, then BitComet seems stable.
  3. I had tried the disk cache to 20G but that didn't help the reliability of BitComet at all. I will be switching to HBA this week. I hope that would improve BitComet's IO's.
  4. Thanks for the write up. I would definitely try to increase my disk cache size in my next restart and report back. Do you let BitComet to auto-choose cache size in the given range?
  5. I have left the disk cashe to default that is: Max cache size 1024 MB Max Disk Cach Size for LT Seeding: 1024 Shrink: 50MB I left my system.io.priority to normal and low.priority false. I have never experienced OS freeze but most definitely had BitComet program freeze. For 1.69 while starting 1000 tasks on top of 1000 active tasks would still render BitComet dead for 5 hours long and unable to recover, I can grow my active tasks to full 5000 tasks if I do it in batches (though it takes half a day). I have successfully left my computer over night the second try wit
  6. Nevermind, first time I left 1.69 running overnight and the computer crashed. Found the computer blackscreen in the morning. Don't know if the cause of the crash was from BitComet, though very likely is.
  7. It could be but the interesting thing is if I ran the program for like 8 hours, the BitComet had no problem of shutting things down quickly. But if I ran the program for like two days, it would have problems shutting down. That is given I ran the same amount of torrent tasks and the same tasks in both scenarios. I think it is more due to RAM issue than anything. Speaking of 1.68, which I had problem running it and skipped back to 1.67. I ran 1.69 recently. It initially crashed a couple of times but then it became stable. That is I didn't restart computer in the trial to get it stable. V
  8. I have upgraded my main computer to WIn 10 but v1.68 still crashes my computer. Changes made to the options do not seem to work as starting a large batch of tasks would still halts BitComet to a stall and in need of a manual force quit.
  9. To give you another perspective, my other fresh Win 10 computer is currently running 12 upload tasks with 30G of actual files and with no active download tasks at 1.1GB of Ram and 3.0MB/s uploads.
  10. v1.68 is no good for me so I have downgraded back to the v1.67. I am finally going to upgrade to Win 10 once my new hard drives arrive. Then I will give v1.68 a try again. I am going to give your suggestions a try, Tin, and will report back. I have 950 EVO as my main drive and 128G of ram, so I think I can handle the changes. I do see the network_max could have been an issue for me since I have outdated router.
  11. With the current problems and critical bugs that have been plaguing BitComet for many versions now, 1700 tasks are no problem for the software 1.67 and those before it to handle. I have only count such crashes at 1.68. 1.68 crashes are actual crashes with Windows force quitting it by itself, while 1.67 and those versions before are so slow and unresponsive that Windows asks you if you want to give up and quit BitComet.
  12. Bitcomet 1.68 has been crashing extremely badly and renders itself unusable. I am only at 1700 active torrent tasks and left Bitcomet alone for like 10 minutes or so and it self would crash. That happened multiple times. 1.67 doesn't have this program. I use Windows 7.
  13. I have been using Bitcomet for more than five years plus and I don't recall I have ever encountered an data wipe due to update. I doubt there is any way to prevent it beside backing up the folder like the way you are doing it.
  14. I play the Google Chrome No Internet game 😞
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