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  1. I use Windows 7 and the total paging file size for all drivers: 32684 MB. I have one harddrive that Windows manages the paging size of it. All of my many other hard drive is set to None in paging size. What should I do to optimise paging? Should I allow Windows 7 to page on my SSD main drive, would that help? Too many junks, as in too many other programs running at the same time? No, I don't have other intense programs running with no virtual OS or other server running. I just use Google Chrome and JDownloader as the same time as Bitcomet with no active anti-virus running.
  2. Hi My computer has 32 Gb of ECC DDR3 Ram with a Xeon E5 12 Core CPU and a SSD main drive . The ram remains an issue as Bitcomet slowly but then suddenly jumps to use up all my Ram. After that, it would take me like 8 hours just to stop all the activate tasks from running in BitComet, making existing the program extremely painful. Once after the program does stop all tasks and exist, the RAM usage would drop a bit and then jumps but up again. Please fix the ram issue in the next update. For now 1) is there a way to limit the Ram usage of BitComet and 2) is there way to set all Bitcomet options to default as I would like to see that if it helps the program as I have been using BitComet for years now? PS: 1.60 did improve from 1.59 in the GUI lag for me. It is still not perfect as it remains slow and the program goes white screen when I have many tasks active.
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