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  1. Thanks a lot Rhubarb for the explanation. Appreciate it. I've also found an article about VPNs for anonymous torrent download here (in the end). They are all paid there and I think I'll try one. They are also saying there "traffic goes directly through your VPN and not through your ISP". Hopefully that will help.
  2. Rhubarb, thanks for your answer. That's correct, it's for "blocked" torrent sites. Hmm... is there a way I can find out if my ISP tracks & reports about blocked sites using. If I'll use paid VPN service could my ISP know I'm using that kind of soft?
  3. Is a paid VPN more secure than a free VPN? Is it better to pay once per month and keep calm or use a free vpn services. Thanks
  4. Most probably your portable mini router has closed ports needed for torrent proper work. And the another reason could be your internet service provider.
  5. Hello to everyone! I'm a new member 😉 It seems I can find here answers I'm looking for about VPN's for torrent somewhere here.
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