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  1. Okay, I understand that 0.79 is a new core or something, so I'm not gonna try to rag on it. I was somewhat disappointed that I replaced a 0.70 install with this new version, as two features I use are gone and there's now a whole ton of "Comet Zone" cruft in the interface. So I'm going to make two statements here First is features. The two things that have been taken away from me are : 1) The ability to choose to start more downloads than the "Max simultaneous download tasks number:" value. In 0.70 I could have 10 torrents queued. Bitcomet would automagically start the first 3, and *if I chose to*, i could click on others and click "start" and they'd get going. So I could have a maximum tasks value of 3, and left alone Bitcomet would never run more tasks than that, but I could chose to run more. This no longer works. 2) The "stop" conditions don't seem to work. I started 4 torrents from VERY healthy swarms this morning, and when I got back they were all uploading with very high ratios (like 4.0). Normally I'm set to stop seeding at a share ratio of 130%. Second is this "Comet Zone" business. I use Bitcomet as a Bittorrent client. I use it because it has features the "stock" Bittorrent client does not, like multiple torrents from within a single instance of a single program. I get my torrents from other sites, that specialize in the content I am interested in. I do NOT do so with Internet Explorer, either the browser itself of embedded into another application. I do NOT use Bitcomet as a general-purpose P2P application, and trying to turn it into such is very quickly going to scare me away from the program. Provided the extra cruft can be easily turned off and does not burden the program, I can probably put up with any amount of "dumb-user-ification" you want to put in the program, but PLEASE keep it as a lean, mean, torrenting machine.
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