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  1. I just realize I posted a 6 year old thread, and seems like stupid after reading your post.
  2. Does Bitcomet available for Mac user? I have never tried that before but I do need it to download a few videos if the quality is stable after downloaded the video.
  3. Snipping tool has been/is being replaced by snip and sketch. Assuming the 'Mac User' bit refers to familiarity, and it is indeed windows 10 we're talking about. If Onedrive is signed in you can configure it to automatically save a screenshot direct to a file when the print screen key is pressed. https://support.office.com/en-us/article/save-screenshots-to-onedrive-automatically-d04df71c-1cb0-4ad6-9f9c-b08494d79d6a https://techloris.com/take-a-screenshot-in-windows-10/
  4. What are you trying to do? The default Keybind should be the print Screen button. When i have to take a screenshot on my Windows 10 laptop, i use: Windows key + Shift + S
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